Information for council tenants

The Edinburgh Housing Advice Partnership welcomes council tenants.
At EHAP helping you keep your home is our priority.


Is EHAP for you?

• Are you a City of Edinburgh council housing tenant?
• Are you struggling to manage your rent payments?
• Are you concerned that loss of employment, ill health, debt or other factors could place your home at risk?
• Do you feel unsafe in your home or local community?
• Uncertain you are getting the benefits you are entitled to?
• Housing benefit issues?
• Having problems with repairs?

As a council tenant you have certain rights and responsibilities. The City of Edinburgh Council should provide you with a Tenant's Handbook outlining everything you need to know at the time you sign your tenancy agreement. That is why if you are experiencing difficulties you may initially wish to contact your local housing office direct to see what support is available.  If the Council does not help you, you think your case needs impartial advice, or you would like to discuss your case in confidence, an appointment with an EHAP housing adviser may be the right option for you.

Worried about rent arrears?

Whatever your situation, our message is the same: If you are having financial problems you need to act quickly. If you fall behind with your rent payments your home could be at risk.

For further information about meeting a housing adviser, or, to make an appointment, contact EHAP now on 0845 302 4607.

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