Policy Context

What is the Edinburgh Homelessness Strategy 2008 - 2012?

The Edinburgh Homelessness Strategy 2008 - 2012 is a four year strategic plan which has been produced by the City of Edinburgh Council in collaboration with key stakeholders in order to address the urgent issue of homelessness in Edinburgh against the backdrop of a decreasing supply of affordable housing. It sets out a vision of ending homelessness in the city placing much greater emphasis on preventing homelessness and widening the range of housing options available to homeless people'. The Strategy is summarised in four main aims:

Aim 1: Preventing Homelessness - Anyone who is having difficulty keeping their home will have access to services and support that can help them to avoid becoming homeless.
Aim 2: Access to Housing - Anyone who needs a home can get help to access one that meets their needs.
Aim 3: Access to Housing - People get access to temporary accommodation when they need it.
Aim 4: Sustainability - People who have been homeless can get the services and support so that they don't become homeless again.

How does it affect EHAP?

The Edinburgh Housing Advice Partnership has been developed to respond primarily to Aim 1 - Preventing Homelessness. The purpose of the service is to deliver advice and information to people in a range of settings to enable them to avoid homelessness, in particular, a first episode of homelessness. However EHAP is also committed to working closely with the Council and other key stakeholders to bring about the successful implementation of the Strategy as a whole.

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