10 October 2011

Scottish Ministers to Consult on Housing Support Assessment Duty


From 7 October 2011, Section 158 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010, comes into force, initially for the purpose of enabling Scottish Ministers to consult on the wider provisions contained in the Section.

Section 158 amends the earlier Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 to place a duty on local authorities to assess whether applicants (and anyone residing with them) who present as homeless, or threatened with homelessness, require housing support services; and where an assessment identifies a need for support, to arrange for the provision of that support

In this context, housing support includes any service which provides support, assistance, advice or counselling to an individual with particular needs with a view to enabling that individual to occupy, or to continue to occupy, residential accommodation as the individual's sole or main residence.

Before this duty comes into operation Government Ministers are required to consult local authorities, homelessness organisations and other interested parties on how the duty to assess can best be provided.

The powers allowing that consultation are now in place, and the next step will be the publication by the Scottish Government of a Consultation document seeking views on the subject.

You can check back here for an update on this when it is available.

In the meantime, if you have any questions on homelessness or housing support you can contact EHAP on 0845 302 4607.

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