28 September 2009

Protecting Rent Deposits

Housing and Communities Minister Alex Neil said it was "time to take strong action" to protect tenants, and support the many landlords who do deal with deposits fairly.

A consultation group - representing tenants, landlords, agents, consumer groups and housing organisations - reached consensus after full discussion on a compulsory scheme and will advise Ministers on its introduction.

The new scheme is designed to:

  • reduce the number of wrongly withheld deposits
  • speed up deposit returns
  • ensure funds are available at the end of the tenancy
  • when there is a dispute, ensure that the amount returned is determined in a fair way

This website will keep you posted as the scheme develops.

In the meantime private tenants seeking independent advice regarding deposits, repairs or other issues can contact EHAP on 0845 302 4607 or the City of Edinburgh Council's Let Wise service.

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