27 July 2009

Legal Aid in Mortgage Rights and Repossession Cases - Are you eligible?

Homeowners, even those in full time employment, might be surprised to learn that free or substantially subsidised legal assistance is currently granted to over 80% of applicants in mortgage rights and repossession cases according to statistics from the Scottish Legal Aid Board. Find out how to check your eligibility and get access to impartial housing advice now…

In arrears? Take action

It is important to note that anyone who feels they may be at risk of falling behind with their mortgage or secured loan repayments needs to take action immediately. There are a range of options available to people in this situation and the sooner you seek advice the greater the chance you have of keeping your home.

Not missed any payments yet? Get an appointment with a housing adviser

If you have not yet missed a payment, but are concerned about your financial situation, why not consider making an appointment with an EHAP housing adviser? Advice from EHAP is free, impartial and confidential, and could help you consider your options, maximise your income, sort out benefits problems and draw up a budget. EHAP housing advisers can also make referrals on an individual basis to other services which provide specific sorts of assistance, and can advise on routes to access the Homeowners Mortgage Support scheme and options available under the Scottish Government's Homeowners Support Fund. To make an appointment with an EHAP housing adviser now call 0131 225 6789, or use the on-line referral form.

Missed payments? Seek legal advice

If you have already missed one or more payments and/or have received a first or second letter from your lender demanding payments seek legal advice. There are still options available to you but you will require the assistance of a solicitor.

Worried about the costs involved? Here's how to check your eligibility for legal aid:

  • Make an appointment with a solicitor to discuss your eligibility. Contact details of solicitors which provide civil legal assistance can be found on the  SLAB website.
  • Use the financial eligibility calculator on the SLAB website.
  • Make an appointment with an EHAP housing adviser for an estimated calculation and advice about the sorts of income which are not included in the calculation

Even if you are not eligible for full assistance you could still be eligible to stagger repayments over a period of up to as much as 48 months. So home-owners, whatever your situation, be sure to explore your options and take advantage of the assistance which you are entitled to.

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