01 June 2010

National Housing Policy Debate


What's it all about?

The consultation paper is divided into 5 key sections each exploring a different policy area:

  1. Housing need
  2. Affordable Housing Supply
  3. Housing Options
  4. Quality and Place
  5. Performance

The Scottish Government's current housing priorities: increasing social housing, supporting aspiring homeowners and reducing carbon emissions, are also open to discussion as challenges posed by the current economic climate are acknowldeged.

What they said...

At the launch Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: "Housing is at the heart of our everyday lives and binds our communities together. Everyone - including government, landlords, lenders and builders - has a part to play in improving the housing system...This will not be easy as we face the prospect of sustained and substantial reductions in funding. That is the stark reality. So, just carrying on with what we are doing is not an option..."

"Rather than burying our heads in the sand, Scotland is leading the UK in facing up to public funding challenges. This is an opportunity to engage in an open, honest debate about Scotland's future housing policy, an opportunity we should all grasp."

And Housing and Communities Minister Alex Neil added: "This paper represents a radical new approach to housing policy in Scotland..."

"In addition to the ideas laid out in this paper, the Scottish Government's two Housing Bills will reform the Right to Buy, make private investment in new housing easier to do, crack down on rogue landlords and introduce a new deal for tenants of both social housing and private landlords...Taken together these measures represent a radical departure from the past and bring housing policy in Scotland into the 21st century."

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