01 April 2010

Housing Guide for People Leaving the Armed Forces

Get the guide

'A Scottish housing guide for people leaving the armed forces and ex-service personnel' is available by clicking this link or visiting:



Know your rights

Shelter Scotland provide an up-to-date and easy to understand guide to housing and homelessness.

For more detailed information The Scottish Code of Guidance on Homelessness provides guidance on the interpretation and application of Homelessness legislation for registered social landlords (local authorities and housing associations).

Additional guidance on housing for people leaving the armed forces was issued to local authorities and registered social landlords by the Scottish Government in February 2009.

'Housing and Regeneration Circular HAR1/2009: Housing for people leaving the armed forces' is available by clicking this link or visiting:


Independent advice and assistance

Anyone leaving the armed services and ex-armed services personnel should have their particular circumstances taken into account when making a homelessness application or applying for housing.

If you, or anyone you know, is unsure about your/their housing options or disagrees with your/their homelessness decision seek independent advice immediately.

Edinburgh Housing Advice Partnership can assist Edinburgh residents and (ex)armed services personnel returning to Edinburgh. For an appointment call 0845 302 4607 or contact us.

Other sources of independent advice in Scotland include Shelter Scotland and Citizens Advice.

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