03 September 2009

Looking for household tips to beat the credit crunch? Borrow a free electricity monitor meter to see how much you could save.

Do you know how much it costs to leave your television on standby? What about the amount of electricity your games console uses? And how much money is wasted by leaving lights on unnecessarily?

The Current Cost meter is a simple device that measures how much electricity you are using at any given time. The electricity monitor meter gets its data from a special clamp that transmits data from your electricity meter to the current cost meter. The special clamp is really easy to install, as it just fits around your incoming power cable. No electrician is needed and full instructions are provided.
Electricity meter

Regardless of the size of your home, an electricity monitor meter is really useful. With the Current Cost meter, you'll notice any sudden increases in power consumption (and cost!) when a device is switched on. You'll soon realize that kettles, heaters, washing machines, electric cookers and microwave ovens consume a great deal of energy!

When you've had the meter running for a couple of weeks, you'll soon work out roughly how much energy you use in the daytime or evenings and this could also help you to decide which electricity tariff to chose from your supplier.

Credit crunch pennies

Find out by borrowing a Current Cost Meter from your local library (just the same as you'd borrow a book, and not only is it free - it will actually save you money!) Electricity monitor meters are available in libraries from 3 September 2009 - ask about borrowing one next time you're in the library.

Worried about household bills?

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