28 May 2010

EHAP responds to Eviction Consultation

Greater protection for tenants in arrears

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The Scottish Government has already put in place extra protection for homeowners faced with repossession through the Home Owner and Debtor Protection (Scotland) Act. Now they are consulting on whether tenants in the social rented sector who face eviction for arrears of rent also need extra protection.

Consultation triggered by high numbers of eviction actions pursued by social landlords

Nationally there were almost 20,000 tenants taken to court as a first step to eviction for rent arrears in 2008/09 of which 17% ended in eviction or abandonment. The social cost of eviction on families and children has recently been highlighted by Shelter Scotland in their publication 'Eviction of Children and Families: the impact and the alternatives'. Also, evidence from some social landlords, notably Glasgow Housing Association and Stirling Council, has clearly illustrated the high costs involved in pursuing court action for eviction and the potential savings which can be made when evictions are only used as a last resort.

EHAP in favour of Pre-Action Requirements

EHAP has responded strongly in favour of the introduction of greater protection for tenants in arrears. Read our full consultation response for more details. You can also view the Scottish Government consultation 'Eviction of Tenants in the Social Rented Sector: Protection of Tenants with Rent Arrears' here.

EHAP Consultation Response (pdf format)

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