05 July 2011

EHAP Responds to Council Consultation on Homelessness Commissioning Strategy

The City of Edinburgh Council has been consulting the public and stakeholders on its draft 'Commissioning Plan for Advice, Support and Accommodation Services to Prevent Homelessness 2011 - 2016'.  A copy of the Plan can be seen here.

EHAP is currently commissioned to provide a housing advice service aimed at preventing homelessness, and the EHAP Partner agencies have extensive experience in this area of work.

We were keen to feed this experience into the Council's developing Plan for re-commissioning a wide range of services aimed at, where possible, preventing homelessness and, where it does occur, moving people as effectively as possible towards sustainable outcomes.

EHAP welcomes the continued focus in the draft Plan on homelessness prevention - an area in which we have made considerable progress over the two years during which we have been operating - but cautions that resources will need to remain available to ensure access to advice services in the years ahead - particularly given the increasing impact of welfare reform changes on those already living on marginal incomes, and at risk of experiencing housing crisis.

A copy of EHAP's response to the Council's Plan can be seen here.

If you are interested in learning more about EHAP and our services, or if you would like to speak to one of our Housing Advisers, contact us on 0845 302 4607 or via the 'Contact EHAP' section of our website.

EHAP Partners are Accredited Advice Providers.

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