30 April 2012

EHAP Responds to Affordable Rented Housing Consultation

The Scottish Government has been consulting interested parties on proposals to make the allocations process simpler in the social rented housing sector, and to give social landlords streamlined powers to evict anti-social tenants.

The proposals are set out in the Government's Consultation document "Affordable Rented Housing:  Creating Flexibility for Landlords and Better Outcomes for Communities".

EHAP has carefully considered the Government's proposals and our response is available here.

We broadly support the Government's proposals to make the allocation process in social rented housing more flexible, but feel it is important to recognise the vital role that this sector plays in providing affordable accommodation for people who, for financial or social reasons, have restricted housing choices available to them.

We are also broadly supportive of measures to effectively deal with anti-social behaviour in our communities, but consider that existing powers - properly applied - are adequate for this purpose.

As part of this process, EHAP has also called on the Scottish Government to consider the resourcing of independent housing options advice, in order to ensure that whatever the eventual outcomes of this Consultation process, people seeking affordable housing have access to the right advice, information and representation.

EHAP can be contacted on 0845 302 4607, or via the 'Contact Us' section of this site.

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