13 October 2014

Changeworks joins EHAP


From today the way the City of Edinburgh delivers its homlelessness prevention services will be changing.

Most of these changes will impact on the delivery of housing support services to those at risk of homelessness, or re-settling back into the community after a period of homelessness, but there will also be some changes in the way that the Edinburgh Housing Advice Partnership (EHAP) is operating.

The main change is one that we are delighted with:  Changeworks, the environmental charity, has joined EHAP to add its energy efficiency and fuel poverty advice expertise to our service mix.

The EHAP Partners have been delivering our multi-faceted homelessness prevention advice, representation and education services across the City since 2009 - assisting thousands of residents to maintain their home and to avoid the risk of homelessness.

Welcoming the addition of Changeworks Energy Advice Team to EHAP, David Gardner, the Project Executive of CHAI, said:  "We're delighted to welcome the input and expertise on fuel poverty issues that Changeworks will bring to EHAP.  It feels particularly right that we'll be adding that experience right now, as we head into another winter.  Problems with affordable warmth can be a real contributor to households struggling to maintain their home.  We can help address these problems."

If you are worried about the cost of heating your home, or need help with energy efficiency issues, EHAP can help.  Phone us on 0845 302 4607 or contact us via this website to speak to an Adviser.

Our advice is free, confidential and impartial.  We're here to help YOU.

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